project baby {week 38}



{t-shirt: stateside from nordstrom (last seen here) // skirt: asos maternity}

{week 38} the bump & I are officially on maternity which is pretty crazy. first it’s crazy because I have a to-do list with about a million things, & second, I am far enough in this pregnancy that I am taking leave… I think I pushed myself a little too hard – & expected a little too much of myself – these first few days, but I am making sure to slow down & take advantage of sleeping in & napping in the afternoon!

we met again with one of our doulas for a pre-natal pow-wow & we are still feeling like we made a really great decision. while aaron & I still need to get some finer details of our birth plan {or preferences as we are referring to it!}, we focused on post-partem details with our doula, including breastfeeding, newborn care, & our relationship post-baby. it seems like there are a lot more things to think about before this baby is born, but it is really great to be having the conversation about what our life will be like in a few short weeks.

baby & bump are measuring right on at our pre-natal appointment last week which is great. I also had my group b strep test come back negative which is also really wonderful! {this means that I won’t have to have a course of antibiotics during labor to avoid passing an infection onto the baby.} we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat over the doppler & it was amazing, as always – about 140 bpm which is exactly average. yay average! I am showing no signs of pre-term labor {knock on wood!} though at this point my midwives wouldn’t be intervening if I did go into labor. gosh, it’s crazy to think it could be any day now. any day…

I am feeling slower these days which I think is mostly because I am nine months pregnant {!} & partly also because we have gotten much warmer weather in the PNW. I continue to have carpal tunnel pain in my hands & wrists, but I know what my limitations are at this point. I have also been experiencing crazy hip pain these past weeks which has become a more common occurrence {think someone pulling your leg out of its socket!}. this is just a result of my hips relaxing & preparing for delivery, so totally normal. & apparently the only thing I can do to help is get a massage! oh darn, better get on that.

just 14 days left… eep!


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