project baby {week 37}



{pleione tunic via nordstrom*}

{week 37} this is my last week of work which is pretty crazy to think about. between the house remodel, working full-time, & just a busy summer schedule I am definitely ready to take these last few weeks to really nest! I have already started a lot of laundry, but there are a few projects {like painting the dresser/changing table & finding a side table} that I would like to get started & completed before baby lower makes his or her appearance!

we were finally able to meet the other mid-wife at my doctor’s office last week. she is lovely & we love her as much as we do our other mid-wife desiree. based on when I end up going into labor & delivering, one of the two of them will deliver baby lower! in terms of measurements, my BP is still great, my belly is measuring right on, & baby’s heartbeat is very strong! baby is still head down & appears to be facing backwards {I think that’s anterior facing?} – anyways it is all good!

we are meeting with our doula later this week to talk more specifics about our expectations for the labor & delivery, as well as starting our birth plan. after completing our childbirth class a few weekends ago we have had a lot of discussions about our plan but really haven’t put anything down on paper to share with the rest of our medical team.

baby is moving around a lot these days with lots of strong kicks & jabs. also, it seems a little ridiculous that the produce this week is a mini watermelon given the babe is close to 19 or 20 inches, though the weight is probably about right. we are pretty limited in the produce department these days & still have 3 more weeks worth of produce to find! I think next baby we should stick with inanimate objects…

three more weeks left – eeps!


*for all of you other expecting mamas, I would highly recommend this tunic! I picked it up at the nordstrom anni sale in my regular size expecting that it would be a great post-partem shirt & good for nursing. I tried it on when I got it last week & it actually fits the bump! the back of the shirt is cotton & has a bit of a stretch which is lovely. I gravitate to white shirts since then I can pair them with colorful jackets & blazers come winter, but this would be a great shirt in all of the colors for work!

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