project baby {week 36}



{maxi dress & cardi: target (old)}

{week 36} this week has brought on a bit more pregnancy carpal tunnel which isn’t very fun. I have found that ice & cold water helps relieve some of the pain & also had a friend {who had carpal tunnel for real} lend me her wrist braces for sleeping in since she just had surgery. the pain is definitely alleviated in the morning after being able to wear the braces all night – the only problem is I can’t take them off without assistance! {thanks husband!}

we are also onto weekly pre-natal visits with our midwife which is mostly starting to talk about labor & delivery. it is always exciting to hear baby lower’s heart beat on the doppler & we also got a small peak at baby’s head to confirm that baby lower is still head down – yay! we also took a childbirth prep & breastfeeding class this weekend at swedish hospital which was really informative. it definitely helped that the instructor was a former doula & had very similar ideas of child birth & labor to what our ideals are. all-in-all it was a good opportunity for aaron & I to think & talk about some of the unknowns about birth & give us a good base to ask our doula questions next week when we meet with her. the class definitely made things a lot more real for us which is both awesome & terrifying.

on the to-do list this week is to order the remainder of the nursery “necessities” off of our registry! we have been storing everything so far & much of it is still in boxes. it will be like another shower when we get everything to the house & set up {eventually!}.

also, we just passed thru july 12th which officially puts us at less than a month… now the pregnancy apps are counting down in days. how did this go so quickly?

mamas – what did you wear during the last few weeks of your pregnancy? I am living in {maxi/jersey} dresses!


One thought on “project baby {week 36}

  1. Seriously, time is flying! In the last weeks: dresses. All day, every day. Once you drop more and more, shirts won’t cover the bottom of your belly… sexy, I know. Dresses are more comfy than pants anyway! xoxo

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