project house {week 14}


{flooring down in the entryway // which stain {um, left!} // dry wall patching in living room // entryway & front door}


{stairwell windows taped off for primer & paint // entryway primed // new fir on the stair landings}


{master bath shower bench tiled // second stair landing}


{stair riser // new hardwood floor acclimating // downstairs hallway // tankless water heater & boiler system – who knew we were getting a spaceship in the house?}


{wet saw & subway tile for the master bath // marble down on the master bath floor // new exterior paint!}

work is coming along, slowly but surely. lots of big things happening now with flooring being the main focus these days. salvaged fir floor was put in the entryway which will need to be sanded & stained (hopefully to match the existing main level floor). tiling has started downstairs in the master bath & shower with the kids’ bath floor to follow (soon, I hope!). the new floor is acclimating in the house now for the remainder of the basement – engineered hardwood due to radiant heat in the floor (new wood floor is subject to warping with radiant heat apparently).

I have probably said this before, but man the finish work takes for. ever. it seems like we are so close, yet so. far. away.


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