project baby {week 35}


{sonnet james kate dress // last seen here]

**I realize that you have probably never seen so many types of melons before! there isn’t a lot of produce left for us to choose from at this point!**

{week 35} this week has brought a few late pregnancy, third trimester ails: carpal tunnel, low back fatigue, & kicks to the ribs! yep, my bump is finally high enough that baby lower is all up in my ribs. it hasn’t been awful (& it is a bit endearing) except when I feel like I can’t breathe because my lungs are being squished… baby lower is moving all over the place these days & I often look down to see the bulge of a foot or my entire belly shift to one side – its amazing!

we are just five weeks from baby’s due date which is mind-blowing! as much as possible with the on-going house construction & a few more weeks of work, I am trying to get things off the to-do list. mamas out there – what should I be adding to my list?


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