project house {week 12}


{sadie laying in dry wall dust // dry wall! // basement hallway // entryway // doorway to living room & front door // stairwell windows // ceiling patching in kitchen // doorway from living room to kitchen // salvaged hardwood to patch upstairs flooring // aaron in upstairs hallway}


{raised ceiling & attic access in upstairs hallway // sewer ejection pump in closet under stairs // stairwell // small ledge in stairwell // sadie’s built-in crate under stairs // basement hallway // art niche in master bedroom // kids’ bathroom // tray ceiling in master bedroom // bedroom window}


{ceiling in upstairs hallway // entryway & stairwell // stairwell & upper hallway // living room // kitchen ceiling}


{dry wall in the entryway // stairwell // upstairs hallway // stairwell // master bedroom & bath}

lots of progress has been made in the past few weeks – electrical & plumbing rough-in was completed & inspected, & dry wall has been installed. the exterior is also being prepped for a new paint job. {sidenote: we had to paint the new siding that went up on the house so instead of just painting it the same color as the rest of the house – tan – we decided to have the entire house painted. it seemed like a waste to pay someone to paint the new part of the house a color that I really didn’t like. why not pay a little more & have the whole thing a new color?}

as you would expect, the downstairs spaces seem much smaller now that the walls have been closed in. smaller, but still feels great! it is nice to see the rooms come to life, finally! next up is taping & mudding of the walls, & flooring {hardwood & tile}. we are meeting with our GC for a walk-thru at the end of the week & I think we are both really excited to chat about the work that is going on, ask lots of questions, & determine what the updated timeline is & what we can expect.

dry wall is up – thoughts?


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