project baby {week 33}



{dress: banana republic knit patio dress}

{week 33} this week brought less heartburn but a few more late pregnancy ails including some insomnia. the terrible part was that someone at work had just asked me how I was sleeping & of course at the time I was sleeping really well. then that night I was up in the middle of the night for hours. boo! my fingers have also been a little swollen which is somewhat connected to my water intake & amount I am up & moving around. I have, however, been wearing an adjustable ring {rather than my engagement ring or wedding band} as I have a fear of my finger swelling so much that my ring would have to be cut off. I thought it was irrational, but apparently it does happen.

we had our maternity photoshoot this weekend which was really fun. as much as I feel huge at times, I will be so glad to have snapshots of this moment of time. aaron & sadie were in the mix for some of the photos as well which was a nice way to commemorate the end of our family of three {& the pending arrival of baby lower!}.

we also had our first pre-natal meeting with one of our doulas this week. we started the process of talking birth plan/preferences, expectations, & lots of questions!

one week away from 8 months – time is moving way too quickly!


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