project baby {week 32}



{dress: sonnet james stella dress}

{week 32} this week has felt different. not that I don’t adore being pregnant, but I have a bit of an idea of why a lot of women are ready to not be pregnant in their third trimester. I have been so. tired. and am really missing the energy levels I was feeling at the beginning of my second trimester. I also had my first bout of heartburn {I think} before bed which is no fun!

on a happier note, my pre-natal checkup last week went really well. the bump is measuring pretty much right on & all of my other vitals are great. the baby’s heartbeat was super strong on the doppler which is always a relief. my midwife tried to figure out which way baby lower was laying, but she couldn’t quite tell. based on the strong movement on my right-hand-side, I still think the baby is lying sideways, with his/her head on my left side & feet on the right side.

in other news we found a doula! it is a set of doulas that partner so that one of them will be available for the labor & delivery. as soon as we met our doulas we were super comfortable with them & we seem to all be on the same page which is great. we will be meeting with them for a few pre-natal appointments starting next week to talk thru expectations & get things like my birth plan done.

also, we are on a mission to find a pediatrician for baby lower, an assignment given to us by the mid-wife. I guess we are supposed to have one {or ideally} by week 36 so that everything can be set up as needed. we are hoping to find a doc {or a nurse practitioner} who has hospital privileges & could come do baby lower’s first check up though that is not a deal breaker.

for all of you mamas out there, how did you go about finding a pediatrician & what questions did you ask?


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