my weekend in pictures.


{cutting fabric is not my forte, but it needed to be done for an upcoming sewing project for baby lower.}


{aaron & I spent most of the day saturday sourcing finishes for the house – wood floors, tile, paint, light fixtures.}


{a bubble tea was much-needed after making a million decisions!}


{rainer cherries are in season & we have been enjoying. this was a double one – crazy!}


{baby’s first set of wheels! one of the only things for baby lower that we have put together.}


{oh trader joe’s. I went in for one thing & ended up with ingredients for strawberry shortcake!}


{dim sum lunch with friends on sunday. so delish!}


{choosing paint at benjamin moore.}


{I usually don’t like the I love mommy/daddy/etc. kids’ stuff, but I couldn’t resist this to give to aaron for his first father’s day!}

we had a really busy weekend, but super productive. things are moving right along with the house & it is exciting to be finally picking finishes for everything, plus a lot of things got checked of the big to-do list which is always a great feeling!

we were really low-key about celebrating father’s day today since it really doesn’t seem like we are parents. it is crazy to think about one year from now though & how we will be parents to an almost one year old!

happy father’s day to aaron, my dad, aaron’s dad, aaron’s grandfather, & all of the other dads out there. thanks for everything that you have done for us!

how was your weekend?


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