project baby {week 31}



{week 31} this week I am definitely feeling the baby’s growth as the movements inside my belly are now thru-out the day – it’s very fun! I think the babe is still oriented sideways in my belly with his/her feet on my right-hand-side {since that is always where I feel lots of kicks!} but I do feel the occasional jab up near my ribs.

I am definitely feeling more fatigued these days, some of which is from not being able to sleep as well as usual. it feels like it takes forever to fall asleep & I toss & turn from side-to-side only really falling asleep by 3 or 4 in the morning. I am also to the point where my bladder gets me up at least once in the middle of the night {which is a relatively new concept for me!}. my fatigue, I think, was exacerbated this week by the time change to indiana – we would stay up late & get up early {equally not enough sleep!}.

I also made it thru my last long flight – just about 4 hours from seattle to chicago – as our last trip is to boise at the end of the month. I was a bit worried about swelling from the altitude, so I wore a pair of these compression socks which I think worked really well. they aren’t very flattering & run small, but I am glad I didn’t take the chance without them. I noticed a bit of swelling in my fingers & ankles while we were in indiana, but nothing too bad.

while we were in indiana we were gifted with two family heirlooms {one from each side of the family}. thank you to both the lowers & the johnsons for thinking about us & baby lower, & for trusting us with family pieces!


fertile myrtle is from aaron’s mom’s side of the family & has been given to the currently pregnant cousin/aunt/sibling {or to the one with a new little one}. tradition says that myrtle is inscribed with the name & date of birth of each new babe {& then stored in the laundry room – or that is where she always ends up!}. I am entrusted with fertile myrtle until the next cousin is expecting.


this hey diddle diddle baby dish was aaron’s grandfather’s plate {from 1924!}. being a vintage ceramic dish baby lower won’t get much use out of it, but it is still a very special piece that we can share with our new addition.

31 down, 9 more to go!


One thought on “project baby {week 31}

  1. What a clever idea….fertile Myrtle! Glad you enjoy the two heirlooms.
    It was so good to see you. Your house looks wonderful. It won’t be long
    till you will be in it & baby Lower will be joining you. 🙂

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