project baby {week 29}



{week 29} I am still feeling great, just a little slower these days. I tend to get braxton-hicks if I try to keep up with my normal {pre-pregnancy} speedy walking, so I am trying to make sure to just take it easy. this past weekend we were downtown & did lots & lots of walking & I was on my feet {& in heels for the evening – terrible, I know} all. day. long. I definitely paid for it that night & the next day, so aaron treated me to a wonderful foot massage {keep those coming!} & a mellow day with my feet up!

baby lower is definitely making him/herself known & moving so much these days. we are to the point where I can look down at my belly & see my shirt moving – crazy! kendra did an awesome video when she was pregnant with her son crosby of him moving all around in her belly & I would love to capture something similar with baby lower – s/he just needs to keep at it long enough for me to get my phone out!

do you remember slowing down thru your third trimester?


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