project baby {week 28}



{sonnet james quincy dress}

{week 28} hello third trimester!

I am finally getting over some serious sinus congestion that started mid-week last week that I am chalking up to pregnancy rhinitis. other than that I am feeling really great still! some fatigue in my low back & low energy at times, but really no complaints.

I probably have said this in previous weeks, but this week I finally feel like I am pregnant. like when I go out in public, people know that I am & smile & ask questions about the baby. also, with only 12 weeks left {!!} I am starting to get nostalgic about my pregnancy. {did any other mamas get this?} while I am so, so excited to meet this little guy or gal, I am getting sad at the thought that soon I won’t be pregnant. I was telling aaron just a few days ago that it is really nice to have this little one as a companion all the time. I love it! so, I am taking the time to enjoy the remainder of this pregnancy, good & bad. {also, I realize that in a few weeks I will probably be saying exactly the opposite & that I won’t be able to wait until I am not pregnant anymore…}

I am currently in the process of interviewing doulas to make sure we can find a good fit & have someone in place to help with a birth plan, & all of the planning & thought that will go into prepping for the big day. the main purpose of a doula is to support me both physically & emotionally thru-out my labor & delivery, in conjunction with my mid-wife. this person {it will be a lady} will be the advocate of my birth plan with the hospital staff, the one who teaches & reminds me how to breathe thru contractions & anxiety, & help with lactation, among many other things.

what surprised you the most about the third trimester?


One thought on “project baby {week 28}

  1. Third trimester already?! Not possible. I had pregnancy rhinitis with Kenley… the worst. I’m glad it’s starting to subside for you. I’m anxious to hear about your doula once you’ve decided on one. You’re glowing! xoxo

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