project house {week 6}


{the front yard reconfiguration for the new stairs & path // aaron enjoying the 8 foot ceilings}


{the basement stairwell filled in // the floor plan drawn onto the new slab // the future master bath // the future master bedroom}


{the future office/extra bedroom // the radiant heat pipe ends in the future utility room // the future internal staircase // aaron with the new windows}

the most recent work has really felt major. not that the lift, demolition, & pony walls weren’t major, but since the new slab has been poured & the framing has started, we are both able to really see the blueprints come to life. some of the major posts & walls are already in place, but when you walk around the new space, you can see the plans drawn out all over the floor – very cool! naturally, the space is feeling much smaller now that it is being compartmentalized, but it is worth it to make this basement our living space.

next steps appear to be more framing (the remainder of the walls & internal stairs), installing the windows, & exterior siding.

thoughts so far?


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