project baby {week 27}



{sonnet james kate dress}

{week 27} this week I have been feeling lots of movement from the baby & I suspect that a lot of it is the baby hiccupping! of course, these days the baby is the most active right before I go to sleep & early, early in the morning.

in other news, we had a pre-natal check-up with our midwife late last week which included my glucose test. my belly was measuring right on track & all of my other vitals look great. & even better is that I passed my glucose test! {for those of you not in the know, that means that I don’t have gestational diabetes. a very good thing!} we asked our midwife a million questions as we are at the end of my second trimester & lots of the big stuff is starting to be on our minds: birth plan, doula, cord blood banking, etc.

overall I am still feeling great, just a bit tired the past few days. I am thinking this is just the start of changes going into the third trimester. hard to complain since I feel so good most of the time, but I am already missing that burst of energy!

in nursery news, we now have all of the big pieces of furniture & décor (rug, light) after picking up a craigslist find this past weekend. we are in a holding pattern though since the space is still being built, & I am eagerly awaiting the point that I can start seeing it all come together in person.

on the verge of my third trimester – where did the first two trimesters go?


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