project baby {week 26}



{week 26} this week marked a fun week for pregnancy {& also the start of month six – can you believe it?}. I am loving the bump & also the wiggly babe that is growing inside. the past few days baby lower has been having some serious dance parties in my belly which is really cool! I used to only feel kicks & jabs down in the lower right part of my belly (near my waistband) but now am feeling things all over, including much higher near my belly button. I am trying to enjoy all of the movement now before I start getting kicked in the ribs (which I know is soon to come!).

I am finding that I am much more tired these days {boo} but don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or just the fact that life is really busy these days. putting my feet up is a much-needed luxury, though not too high up or its uncomfortable. I am also to the point where even though I am very mobile, if I drop something on the ground, I deliberate about how important it is for me to have that thing in my hand again! the gal a few weeks ago at the nail salon joked with me that I would have to keep coming in for pedis from now on since I won’t be able to reach my feet, & while I don’t think I am quite there yet, I am definitely eyeing shoes for the summer that won’t require me to bend over & tie or buckle them – any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

6 months in, 3 months to go. crazy, huh?


One thought on “project baby {week 26}

  1. Holy cow – time flies!
    Slip on shoes are awesome for pregnancy and make getting out the door with a baby so much easier! I’m on my second pair of Keens Sienna MJ Canvas Shoes, and I’ve found they work well year around. Thankfully, we’re about into flipflop weather, which is particularly convenient if your feet swell toward the end.

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