project baby {week 25}


{week 25} this week is the first week I have really felt pregnant. I have to peer around my belly to see my feet & I look pregnant all the time now. its been fun to feel the baby’s movement these past few days as sometimes I will catch my belly moving a bit! I have had a few braxton-hicks contractions that surprised me at first but aren’t too intrusive; I usually just have to pause a bit & then it will go away.

this past weekend my friend amanda threw me the most beautiful & fun shower. it was so wonderful to be surrounded by a fantastic group of women to celebrate baby lower. pics to come later in the week.

15 weeks left – can you believe it?


2 thoughts on “project baby {week 25}

  1. Misha…You are beautiful! And, yes, this is the FIRST time that you actually look like you are ‘with child.’ You are radiant, and baby Lower will be here in no time at all. Be encouraged!
    ‘Hello’ to Daddy, too.
    Love from Aunt Susan

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