project baby {week 24}


{week 24} other than feeling, & looking, much bigger this week, I am feeling really great! I have noticed the tiniest bit of swelling in my legs when I do Pure Barre & am trying to remember to keep my feet up whenever I can. I am also finding that I can’t eat as much in one sitting {despite still being hungry!} as I fill up really fast. I have heard this will only get worse thru-out the remainder of pregnancy, so I am relying on lots of tiny meals & snacks to get me thru the day {& night!}.

we had a follow-up ultrasound last week, which was slightly disconcerting, but it was only because there was some brain structure that our first ultrasound tech didn’t have visibility of. phew! turns out, baby lower still looks great & is growing beautifully.

during that appointment the ultrasound tech tested out the 4-D wand & we got to see baby lower in 4-D. you probably have seen 4-D ultrasounds – they are the ones that are a bit orange-tinted & the baby looks like its made of wax. yep, slightly creepy if you ask me. the weird part is that aaron & I had decided really early on {before I was pregnant} that we would not want a 4-D ultrasound just because we were both a little freaked out by the images. I do have to admit though {without any bias, of course!} that our babe is pretty adorable & being able to see his or her face rather than just a profile is pretty spectacular. {I will spare you the image here & if you are really that interested, I will text it to you!}

only 16 weeks left – can you believe it?


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