project baby {week 23}


{week 23} this week is the first week I have really felt pregnant. like pregnant enough that complete strangers can tell I am pregnant. with that has come some fun assumptions by people & interesting comments which I know will continue to come thru-out the remaining weeks. I find it really interesting what people think is appropriate to say to pregnant ladies that isn’t socially appropriate to say to non-pregnant ladies {or people for that matter!}. I did also have my first non-family member {not aaron or my mom} touch my belly in public which was a little crazy. it was in a work setting & this gal knew that I was pregnant, but definitely didn’t ask & definitely is not very close. she was touching before I knew what was going on & I didn’t even react as I was just so shocked! next time I am going to reach out & touch the other person’s belly too – that should be interesting.

I had a pre-natal checkup with our midwife last week & everything is looking great. my weight gain is progressing in a really healthy way, all of my vitals look good, & I am measuring right on.

I am also scheduling things like the hospital tour & birthing/parenting classes as well as maternity & newborn pictures which is making this all seem much more real. if any mamas out there have any words of wisdom about any of those things, please share!

I am curious – how did you deal with strangers touching your belly?


2 thoughts on “project baby {week 23}

  1. I thought I would have a huge problem with people touching my belly, but I never did…funny how things change when you actually get pregnant. I was just so stoked to be making life that whomever wanted to share in my joy with me was more than welcome to (even if that meant touching my belly). What I did have a problem with was people wanting to give me hugs after I delivered. I was breastfeeding and my ladies were so sore & sensitive – hugs were the WORST. Even side hugs. I finally just started telling people “Oh sorry I have a cold” to get out of giving hugs…silly right?!

    The best advice I got was to wear a long maxi dress for the maternity shoot. So glad I did that (I had an outfit picked out that involved jeans and a cute top before I got the dress advice). I just did a black maxi dress because the shoot was outdoors at a park, and I didn’t want whatever I was wearing to compete too much with the natural background (green trees, blue sky, etc). The dress made for such a feminine look, and I LOVED my maternity photos because of it. It also helps to have an awesome photographer 🙂

  2. I don’t think anyone touched my belly with M, and I haven’t had any touches so far this pregnancy either. Thank goodness – how awkward!

    The most useful class we took was the carseat class. It’s such an important part of keeping your child safe and, according to the instructor, 90-percent of people do it incorrectly. Two years later, I’m still using what I learned and the confidence that the class imparted.

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