project baby {week 20}


{week 20} not much to report this week. I can feel the baby kick just about any time I eat something & then sit for a bit {which is amazing & awesome!}. I can’t wait until I can start feeling kicks from the outside so aaron can join in on the fun. also, I officially hit the half-way mark {yesterday} which is really crazy to think about. while it certainly seems like a long time ago I was dealing with morning sickness & trying to wrap my brain around the idea of being pregnant, it doesn’t seem possible that I am already half-way thru this journey. we are scheduled for our 20 week ultrasound at the end of the week & are excited to finally see our little gal or guy again {especially since the last time we saw him or her, it just looked like a blob, let’s be honest}.

& in case you missed it on instagram, here is my official half-way photo.

20 weeks

in 139 days we will have a babe instead of a bump – can you believe it?


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