project baby {week 18}


{week 18} I have a lot more energy this week which has contributed immensely to feeling much better. the most awkward thing is that I am starting to grow out of my old clothes – pants mostly – but am not quite big enough for maternity clothes. so if you see me wearing a really weird combination of tops & bottoms you will know why!

this week I thought it would be a good time to share an FAQ {much like amanda did last week!} not only for everyone’s info but also for posterity.

{question one} how are you feeling?

now well into my second trimester I am feeling a lot closer to normal. the morning sickness has subsided, with the exception of riding on a bus or plane {only a tragedy since I ride the bus to & from work each day}, my lower back & hip pain is much less frequent, & my energy levels seem to be coming up. the only thing that still is nagging is a dull sinus headache which mostly is on-set by being on the bus. there are some points during the day that I honestly forget there is a baby in there & other times that I feel incredibly large. overall I am feeling really great & there isn’t much to complain about.

{question two} how much weight have you gained?

I have to echo amanda’s comment that this is not ever an appropriate question to ask any woman {or man} who is pregnant or otherwise. that said, my weight gain has been healthy. I say “healthy” because I honestly don’t look at the scale when I go into the doctor {I will get too fixated on that number}, but I should be on track to gain the recommended amount of weight for a pregnancy which is around 20 to 30 pounds – around 5 pounds in the first trimester & around 1 pound every week for the remainder of the pregnancy. every pregnant lady is really different in the way she gains weight, so I am not really focused on what I am or am not gaining. I feel really healthy & have had really great check-ups with my midwife, & as long as the baby & I are healthy & happy, I am not overly concerned about my weight.

{question three} are you having any cravings?

throughout my first trimester, I craved clementines & other fruit {strawberries mostly} and starchy foods like potatoes & bagels. I also had the most random craving for Stove Top when I was about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant {before I really realized that I was!}. I don’t have any intense cravings for specific foods currently but am still loving strawberries & also sweet potatoes. mostly I am just more interested in food generally, including meat which is weird coming from an almost-vegetarian. also, I can’t drink anything but ice cold water.

{question four} are you feeling the baby yet?

I would love to say yes, but I really haven’t. it is still on the early end of being able to feel any movement & likely I wouldn’t even realize it if I did. my midwife also informed me that feeling the baby this early can depend a lot on where the placenta is located which we will find out during my 20 week ultrasound.

{question five} will you find out the gender?

this is the question that everyone always asks us & then gets really disappointed {mostly} when we answer. we are NOT going to find out the gender during the 20 week ultrasound. yep, I know. you are probably really disappointed. & surprised because I am such a planner & hate surprises. aaron & I decided really early on {long before I was pregnant} that we didn’t want to know the gender of any biological child we were having. call us crazy, but there isn’t much we would do differently based on the gender. it is sort of exciting to think that aaron will be the first one to know whether we had a boy or girl {if & when he catches the baby & cuts the cord}.

{question six} how many more kids are you planning on having?

aaron & I have differing opinions on how many kids we will have in total & I change my mind at any given moment. we both feel very lucky to have one {sadie} & one-half {the current growing baby} & are leaving our options open on how many more kiddos we end up with. along similar lines we would like to have both biological kids & adopted kids.

{question seven} have you picked out any names?

aaron & I have also talked baby names for a long time, but since we aren’t finding out the gender early, we really can’t decide on a name until at least the baby is born. I feel like a lot of parents-to-be get really stressed about names {it is a really huge decision!} but we would be okay if we didn’t have a name picked out right away. we definitely have a short list which includes a lot of family names that is allowing us to mix & match first & middle names. we are also really open to names & are constantly hearing a name that we like on TV or in real life & adding it to the list.

{question eight} have you started designing the nursery?

yep the nursery is basically planned in my head & I am attempting to get a mood board done to share at some point in the coming weeks. because I knew we need a gender neutral space, I have been able to plan for a while. there are a few details that still need to be worked out – like a rug! – but mostly I know exactly what I want it to look like. I want the nursery to feel like a calming place for all of us – aaron, the baby, & me – so think neutrals with a few pops of color. I promise to share more details soon!

is there a question that you always ask a mama-to-be?


3 thoughts on “project baby {week 18}

  1. Great post, the FAQs….that will eliminate some of the repetitious ones that you and Aaron are constantly asked.

    Quelle coincidence: you like sweet potatoes, and baby Lower is currently that size. You (and Kendra, too) do a really nice job with your blogs. You both amaze me that you are so faithful to do these on such a regular basis. Thanks for all the updates.

  2. Awesome update! I actually LOVE that you guys aren’t finding out the gender! I also think it’s crazy to ask a pregnant lady how many more kids she’ll have…. People are weird!

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