my weekend in pictures.


{pre-dinner drinks on capital hill. cheers!}


{out to dinner with old & new friends on friday night.}


{I don’t know which is more amazing: the fact that spring bulbs are blooming or the fact that I planted these bulbs last fall.}


{I spent saturday morning on a rainy walk around greenlake with an old friend & her little one. I feel like this was a look into my very near future.}


{couldn’t resist the freshly picked pop-up shop at land of nod this weekend. picked up the cutest pair of moccasins for baby lower.}


{sunday lived up to its name today & brought some much-needed sun. needless to say sadie was here for most of the afternoon.}


{see those tiny little green plants at the base of our front tree? yep, those are tulips that I planted!}


{borrowing the divergent series from a friend. I need to get going before we go see the movie!}


{this week sadie got bored & unwound an entire spool of twine she found in my craft supplies. aaron & I spent 15 minutes trying to find an end so I could attempt to re-spin it. still a work in progress.}

we had a fun & productive weekend spending time with old & new friends, & finally taking a much-needed trip to the goodwill in an effort to get a kick-start on spring cleaning. after days & days of rain, we finally got a few dry days, or moments, starting on friday & finishing up with some actual sunshine today – it was glorious! while I am still reeling from the spring forward this morning, it was all-in-all a great weekend! how was your weekend?


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