my weekend in pictures.


{um, it’s girl scout cookie season! we made sure to stock up in case we miss the girls at the grocery store.}


{the elements of a great night in with aaron & sadie: chocolate coconut ice cream from TJ’s, redbox, girl scout cookies.}


{we were all grown-up this weekend & renewed our season tickets to the theater.}


{we started cleaning out our basement & I found my old law school books. have you ever seen that many tabs on one book?}


{aaron spent most of saturday taking down our old coal bin in the basement. #somanynails}


{just started the snapshop course by ashley ann to learn more about shooting in manual mode on the dlsr. thanks for the recommendation kendra!}


{we noshed at uneeda burger in fremont for a celebratory dinner with some friends. happy belated birthday cale & congrats on the new gig jes!}


{aaron & jazmyne are like this whenever they are together. #meltsmyheart}


{the winning set from cards against humanity this weekend.}


{I treated myself to some much-needed pampering of my eyebrows at julep this weekend after barre class.}


{thank goodness for the university village’s rain umbrellas. it was pouring rain today!}


{sadie, I don’t think you are comfortable. or spoiled.}


{after bashing my shin into the rowing machine – yep, big bruise! – our plans to continue with clean-up around the house took a back seat to an embarrassing amount of hours of oscar red carpet.}


{this is sadie’s version of heaven: a nearly empty jar of peanut butter.}

we had a really great weekend, except for the return of the rain. after an amazing week of spring-like weather, we were humbled & reminded just how far away spring is here in the PNW. boo. we got started working on cleaning out our basement. mostly it is just a bigger mess than it was as we have just shifted stuff around into huge piles: to pack, to trash, to donate. all-in-all a great weekend, though I am still in denial that it is already march… how was your weekend?


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