project baby {weeks 5 to 10}

the crazy thing about being pregnant is how interested people are in your belly. seriously. whenever we tell someone that I am pregnant, they immediately look down at my belly! much to everyone’s disappointment, there isn’t much to show just yet {though that is likely going to be changing very rapidly over the next few weeks}.

we have been taking bump pictures basically since the first positive pregnancy test & have used fruit as a guide to how big the baby is {well, at least in length}. I didn’t realize until I was pregnant that there are discrepancies in the ways that weeks are counted – the week number & fruit are all based on what to expect as that was the first app I had {babycenter has been at one less week & a bit smaller of fruit, just for reference}. also, because we have been taking pictures on sunday {& thus towards the end of my pregnancy weeks} the weekly photo will always have been from the week before.

so without further adieu, here is a recap of my first five weeks!


{week 5} the morning after we got back from our trip to hawaii I took a pregnancy test as I suspected from the far-from-normal cramping {& craving for stove top!} that it might be a good idea. I feel like I knew it was going to be positive before I even looked at the result {I know, everyone says that} but I just had a feeling. I was absolutely glowing & bursting with excitement when I woke up aaron to show him the test!


{week 6} morning sickness {who am I kidding, all-day sickness!} kicked in on week 6 to the day.


{week 7} I had my first food aversion that I didn’t even realize until I was already eating it: chia pudding from chaco canyon. so sad.


{week 8} this was the week of christmas so we were able to tell family & {very} close friends about the news, in person & via face time. I had full-blown morning sickness & was still learning how to deal with it, mostly by avoiding things like lukewarm water, onions, salt, & butter.


{week 9} we had friends over for new year’s & I barely, barely could keep my eyes open until midnight. I also learned this week that I couldn’t wear things that were tight around my ribcage as it made the nausea so. much. worse.


{week 10} we had our first prenatal appointment & got to see our little babe for the first time – in all its blobby glory! it was magical & terrifying all at the same time. also, my cravings for clementines started. I was eating about 5 or 6 a day at one point!

if you were ever pregnant, did you count the time using a fruit of the week?


{sidenote: I am adding this really because I think it might make me feel better. I have heard, over the years, of the crazy things that people say to pregnant ladies – for better or for worse. while we have already received some pretty crazy unsolicited advice, I did want to mention one thing that is personal to me: if & when you ever see or meet a pregnant lady that is {early} in her pregnancy, be thoughtful about any comments you make about her size or the size of her belly. & by “thoughtful” I don’t mean a synonym for sweet or caring I mean think it through completely. even if your comment is coming from a really good place, it may come across as hurtful to an ever-growing lady. while I personally can’t wait until I have a big baby bump, I am incredibly, incredibly conscious that I am right now at that edge of awkwardness where I am bigger in the middle than I used to be, but not obviously pregnant. anyways, just be mindful of the feelings of an overly emotional & hormonal lady. & now I will get off of my soapbox.}

5 thoughts on “project baby {weeks 5 to 10}

  1. We too were confused by the inconsistencies between What To Expect and Baby Center. I made the mistake early on of switching between the two, and then realized the issue. Because I was pregnant and hormonal, I remember crying at one point to Kyle “I can’t use ‘pineapple’ again (sob, sob) because I’ve already USED pineapple!” Too funny!

    • Steph,

      Seriously! It is crazy. I feel like I never know how far along I am! The biggest thing I have run into is when the listed fruit is not in season. I have had to substitute fruit that I can’t find. The produce guys think I am nuts asking for peaches and plums in Seattle in the middle of winter!

  2. I offer my baby (or mommy — or just girl’s day out) shopping-buddy services all around 😉 Love you three! (Ftr, I’m counting Sadie & Baby L as one for now considering they’re both halves atm.)

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