my weekend in pictures.


{watched part of the opening ceremonies of the olympic games. not going to lie that the alphabet video was a little weird.}


{a fun valentine’s day prop for a photoshoot we did this weekend. I love how festive it is!}


{finally got to nordy’s to drop off some pants for alteration.}


{it snowed on saturday night! it was magical & so beautiful!}


{in the spirit of the olympic games I convinced aaron to watch cool runnings with me. #ilovethismovie #yeahmon}


{sadie takes her job of cleaning dishes & take-out boxes very seriously.}


{we dined out this evening with some friends at naked city. good times & good food!}

what a fun weekend! we had a beautiful sunny saturday in the morning & then snow by nightfall. we’ve watched a few snippets of the olympics here & there, but not going to lie, I am a much bigger fan of the summer games… we got to catch up with a few good friends this weekend which is always such a treat. I am in disbelief that we are heading into the middle of february, but also excited/terrified that I will be a year older by the end of the week. eep! how was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Wishing you an early “Happy Birthday!” Duane’s is the 17th. I’ll bet Aaron likes the snow boarding events. Unbelieveable…..and a gold medal for Sage!

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