my weekend in pictures.


{sadie’s post-surgery meds cocktail. we found a lump on her when we got home from the holidays & she had a lumpectomy on friday morning.}


{we had monsoon-like conditions of wind, rain, & sleet on saturday afternoon. crazy.}


{after a very rough friday night, sadie was able to rest by saturday. its not a wonder given that enormous incision on her belly. luckily the vet was able to internalize the stitches, so no cone-of-shame necessary.}


{aaron & ben went to the seahawks play-off game on saturday afternoon. it was rainy, wet, & cold but the hawks were victorious!}


{sadie & I watched the game from the comfort – & warmth – of home.}


{saturday night brought us a last-minute dinner & a movie double date with our neighbors. girls won the movie vote with father of the bride. a classic! not exactly the action film aaron had in mind.}


{finally went thru all of the christmas cards we received & updated the contact pictures in my phone. best idea!}


{grocery shopping on sunday isn’t very fun since everyone else is also grocery shopping too…}


{sadie was like this most of the weekend. I think she wants to just become an appendage. so needy!}


{there was lots of football watched in our house this weekend. the colts may not have advanced, but we are definitely payton manning fans in this house!}

this weekend was lovely, mostly because I had so little planned & so little I “had” to do. why can’t all of my weekends be like that? something to work on in the new year. we are feeling refreshed going into the coming work week, though the winter weather is starting to get old. sadly, we are looking at lots of weeks of cold weather as we always have such a late spring in the pacific northwest. oh well. someday. there was a lot of snuggles & naps for sadie this weekend as she recovered from a minor surgery. we don’t have the test results yet from her lumpectomy, but the vet is optimistic from he removed. fingers crossed! how was your weekend? M

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