a pinterest christmas: envelope advent calendar.

welcome to a pinterest christmas 2013! for the past two years i have done this blog series of DIYs during the holiday season – the first season you can see here & the second season you can see here. there are a few other bloggers participating in the series whose blogs & posts are below.

i love the idea of advent calendars & it seems fitting to kick-off this year’s series with a calendar to count down the days of december. there are lots of ideas for advent calendars & i wanted to do them all {see my pins here}, but i decided i wanted to go with the minimalism look & to do festive daily activities {rather than toys, ornaments, etc.}.

minimalist advent calendar

{original pinterest link – advent calendar}


  • 24 envelopes – i made my own & created this template
  • printed paper – only if you make your own envelopes
  • gluestick or double-sided tape – to assemble envelopes & attach envelopes to board
  • foam-core board or cardboard
  • kraft paper – to cover the board
  • scissors and/or paper trimmer
  • activity cards – i made my own & created this template

i started by making envelopes. i picked up a package of christmas paper at jo-ann’s & made my envelope template based on the size of the paper. then i traced & cut out an envelope from each page, choosing which printed side i wanted for the outer envelope. {note: if you want some part of the printed envelope to show, it needs to be on the outside of one of the four envelope flaps as the flat side of the envelope (where you would usually write an address) will be glued or taped to a board – does that make sense?} then i assembled all of the envelopes by gluing a small strip of paper inside each envelope flap.




i arranged by envelopes on the foam-core board to determine how i wanted them to be laid out. i liked the more square shape & cut the board accordingly, leaving a ½ inch around the perimeter & a ½ inch between rows. then i cut & attached a piece of kraft paper to my board {as it was black & would have looked terrible with the envelopes}.


lastly, i printed out the activity cards – 24 in all – on white cardstock. i cut out each of the cards using the paper trimmer. {note: if you print out my version, trim all around the perimeter first & then trim vertically down to get two long columns or else you won’t have the cutting guides that i added.} then i just randomly placed one card into one envelope!



i chose activities for each day of the advent calendar & did so based on activities that i thought would be fun for aaron & me. i liked that i could change out some of the activities over the years that seemed more relevant {like once we have kids, etc.}. be sure to put in festive activities that your family likes to do!

_DSC3399_DSC3400SONY DSC_DSC3424_DSC3425


ready for some more {p}inspiration? check out these ladies:

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{also, catch up on the last two years on my diy tutorials page here.}


have you been {p}inspired by any christmas projects this year?


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