my weekend in pictures.


{starbucks oatmeal & latte. breakfast of champions. & pretty much the best way to start off the weekend.}


{we went to a friend’s 30th-and-a-half birthday party this weekend. it was go-karts & a pinata FTW. aaron won one round of go-karts & broke the bat trying to get all of the candy. not a bad saturday night. happy half birthday jeff!}


{on sunday afternoon we swung by the airport to pick up my mom & dad who are in town for the week. excited to get to spend some time with them!}

how is it possibly the end of the weekend already? another weekend blog post with a shameful amount of pictures, my apologies. we had family start to come into town starting on friday night & ended sunday evening with an early thanksgiving dinner thanks to my uncle bill! we won’t be attending either of the familys’ thanksgiving dinners this year, so it was nice to have some tradition a few days early. but seriously, where did the weekend go? I feel like it went so, so fast & I didn’t nearly get enough done. or have time to kick back & enjoy. maybe next weekend, right? how was your weekend?


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