my weekend in pictures.


{the end of #embracethecamera challenge. read more about it here & check instagram for the entire week of photos.}


{all dressed up with somewhere to go on saturday night.}


{the wizard of oz was the first play of the season at The Paramount.}


{swung by jamba juice post-pure barre on sunday morning for a smoothie. when did the menu get so big?}


{crisp fall weather this weekend meant we turned the heat on for the first time in months.}


{even with the heater on it was still puffy vest weather!}


{sunday afternoon amanda came by for a short crafternoon. i may or may not be starting on some things for chrismas…}


{aaron made eggplant parmesan tonight from the eggplant we grew this summer. it was delish!}

ah, where did the last two days go? i say this every week, but the weekend days go so fast. this weekend we didn’t have a lot of plans & i felt like i got a lot off of my to do list – always a good feeling going into a new week. we celebrated our six year dating anniversary on thursday, which seems insane that it was that long ago – talk about time flying! how was your weekend?


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