{happy two years!}

happy birthday blog! it been two years & 284 posts here at emerald city diaries, can you believe it?


i want to thank everyone who has supported this blog the past two years thru following, reading, pinning, & commenting. it means the world that you care about our little part of the interwebs!

i thought it might be fun to share the top two blog posts from this past year, not surprising that they are both diys. {& i know, diys have been a bit absent from the blog recently. i am working on changing that in the very near future!}

the most popular blog post is the diy swaddler tutorial. i ‘made this for amanda’s baby shower. her daughter just turned one this summer – eep time flies! {sorry for the terrible picture. this was back when all of my tutorial photos were taken via iPhone.}


& the second most popular blog post is the kitchen backsplash update. {yep, i was surprised too!}


also, a happy birthday shout-out to my big brother jason {who happens to share a birthday with the blog}!

thanks for celebrating emerald city diaries with us! its been an awesome two years!


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