wedding weekend in hood river {multnomah falls}

before we headed home on sunday – mom, dad, & my sister to idaho, & aaron, sadie, & me to seattle – we headed west to multomah falls. it was lovely. just a short few steps from the parking lot with the option to hike up a slight incline to the stone bridge, & even further of a hike up the mountain {presumably to the top of the falls}. we made it just a bit further than the stone bridge, but didn’t have the time or the proper footwear to keep climbing. {yep, come to find out saltwater sandals aren’t the best in hiking footwear.} we definitely will be back to visit though & hope to hike a little further on our next trip. also, if you decide to visit, go early in the morning. we were lucky to have beaten the crowds, but on our way out of town there was a long back-up on the freeway to visit the falls & also big spaces reserved for buses – no thank you!




have you been to the columbia river gorge?


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