my weekend in pictures.


{waiting for aaron with sadie after work.}


[post-dinner sorbet sundae!}


[packing for a weekend wedding.}


{the bridge of the gods in cascade locks, oregon in the columbia river gorge. so gorgeous!}


{we were in the columbia river gorge for the weekend to celebrate my cousin, jesse’s, wedding. the celebration was at a local orchard – so fun!}


{we drove out this morning to multomah falls with my parents & sister anya.}


{sadie & the falls.}


{after an extra-long return trip home from oregon because of traffic, we met up with friends at bastille for dinner.}


{i guess it is that time of year again to start thinking about my fall wardrobe!}

we spent a really lovely weekend in oregon celebrating my cousin’s wedding. my parents & sister anya were able to make the trip over as well – it was great to see so much family & catch up! if you haven’t been out to the columbia river gorge, you definitely should. it is breathtakingly gorgeous! the wedding was in an orchard with views of mount hood – pictures to come later in the week. we are gearing up for another week of sunny summer weather! how was your weekend?


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