three years! {wedding anniversary}

today marks three years since aaron & i exchanged vows. it seems like it has flown by but has been super slow all at the same time. {if you ask aaron, he will tell you it seems like it has been just a minute. underwater. if you are a swimmer or scuba diver, you know that is a looong time!}

i just have to tell you that if you weren’t there, august 1st, 2010 was the best day ever! seriously. i am sure you have other dates {like perhaps your wedding day or the birth of your child} that were the best day ever, but this day tops those. promise. we gathered together with our closest family & friends, i got to wear the prettiest dress & get my hair done up, & then we got to brunch! & dance! & later that evening after we had taken a nap to avoid the 100 degree afternoon, we got everyone back together for karaoke. it was lovely. did i mention it was the best day ever?


{venue: woodriver cellars in eagle, ID // photographer: jason ropp}


{venue: woodriver cellars in eagle, ID // photographer: jason ropp}

aaron – each day we have been married has solidified what an amazing decision we made. you are my soul mate & i cannot imagine how my life would be without you. you give me strength when i feel overwhelmed, courage when i am scared, patience when i am all wound-up, & you give the best back rubs! thank you for being an amazing life partner & for taking a chance on a girl you met in a bar. {we really did meet in a bar – but thru friends.}

from our vows: “To love you alone, to make you happy, to do nothing which would contradict your wishes, this is my destiny and the aim of my life.”

xo M

*i try not to be political {i feel like it can be so polarizing these days} but i wanted to note how special it is for aaron & me that on our third year of marriage, our same-sex friends & family have the opportunity to marry. we are proud to live in a state that allows for this basic, constitutional right & to live in a country that is moving {albeit slowly} towards change & equal opportunities for all couples. for us personally it was only 46 years ago that we wouldn’t have been able to marry because we are different races. we were lucky enough that the u.s. supreme court found that we have a right to marry each other & feel blessed about this decision each day.

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