my weekend in pictures.


{finally signed up for birch box – thanks for the idea kendra!}


{pre-saled the nordstrom anniversary sale!}


{aaron & i finally started watching game of thrones & now we are obsessed!}


{my sister gave us an eggplant plant last week. i am pretty sure those little purple flowers are eggplants-in-the-making.}


{this week’s csa haul – anyone want some produce?}


{nordstrom anniversary sale round two!}


{sadie decided she wanted to drive this weekend instead of being a passenger.}


{a fierce game of spite & malice with my mom & grandmother on saturday night.}


{i am obsessed with blackberries & so glad i can find ones that are locally grown.}


{we got new bulbs for our kitchen pendant lights & they look SO much better! um, but LED bulbs are so expensive. seriously. #theybetterreallylastfor13years}


{one of my very best friends meg was in town this weekend & we got to catch up this evening over dinner & some chatting. meg, we have come a long way in 16 years! #bffssinceweweretwelve love you!}

we had a fun weekend with my mom & meg in town. the weather has been perfect here – not too hot & not too cold – which is a reprieve from the hot, hot we had in boise last week. time is flying so fast & i can’t believe it is the end of july already, where did the time go? how was your weekend?


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