ten year reunion.

last week we were in idaho for my ten year reunion – holy cow i feel old! there wasn’t a really great turnout & i saw only a fraction of the 500+ people i graduated with, but it was wonderful to catch up with some old friends! also, i remain close to many of my high school friends so every time i go home it’s like a high school reunion! there weren’t too many pics taken {lame, i know, i guess we were too busy having catching up!}, but here are a few to share.

_DSC3047_DSC3050em and me

{dress: madewell // top & shorts: kate spade saturday}

to everyone i got to catch up with, especially my cbc girls – em, jen, beth, julie (meg we missed you!)  –  it was SO great to see everyone!

{also, you will notice my hair is much shorter in the bottom picture. if you know me well you know i only get my hair cut in boise at Graeber & Co. this time i chopped off nearly 8 inches – eep! still long enough for a bun but i am still getting used to it…}

did you go to your ten year reunion?


3 thoughts on “ten year reunion.

    • Thanks K! I have been wondering the same thing – how has it been 10 years? Part of me feels like it has been a long time (as I definitely don’t feel 18 anymore) but part of me feels like I just blinked and it is 10 years later!

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