my weekend in pictures.


{after a day-long roadtrip the sportwagen needed a little love. plus i LOVE the car wash!}


{aaron wasted no time getting into vacation mode.}


{i am loving flavored coconut water for hydrating after workouts.}


{pool essentials: sun protection & magazines!}


{this is the life! but i only lasted about 5 minutes before i hopped in the pool since it has been in the triple digits.}


{i got to spend the weekend with this fun lady, one of my best friends from high school emily! we had so much fun!}


{ah, this face!}


{sadie was enjoying the late afternoons in the shade by the pool}


{we tried out some of the kebob recipes in the latest real simple for family dinner tonight. #delish}


{summer = watermelon.}


{this is how my nephews clean up the dishes. #thedogsaretheprewashcycle}


{sadie surveying my parents’ property.}


{thanks catch phrase for giving aaron the word fahrfegnugen.}


{yep, that’s the moon above my parents’ house. it was so beautiful tonight!}

aaron, sadie, & i drove down mid-week for my ten year high school reunion. besides feeling a little old, we had a lot of fun! i was able to catch up with my close girlfriends, old classmates, & some family this weekend which was really great & much needed. it almost makes me wish i lived in boise again. but then i think of how much i love seattle & am thankful we are just a short ways away. it definitely feels like summer down here with triple digit heat & we have taken full advantage of the A/C & swimming pool at my parents’ house! what a fun weekend & thanks to everyone for making it so amazing!

how was your weekend?


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