my weekend in pictures.


{my parents rolled into town on friday with their new camper. they were here for the weekend & heading out to camp for the week.}


{aaron & sadie.}


{we were sunning on my grandmother’s back patio on friday catching up with my mom & dad.}


{happy father’s day!}


{we have been ignoring our yard for most of the spring but finally started some much-needed cleanup in the back. we filled up that entire yard waste bin & still have so much more to go!}


{it is always double-whammy this time of year with my dad’s birthday & father’s day always falling within days of each other.}


{do you think my parents are boise state fans? #bronconation}


{we had dinner at McCormick for my dad’s birthday – happy birthday dad!}

we had a fun & very sunny weekend, though it went entirely too quickly. obviously my parents were in town & we enjoyed spending some quality time with them & my grandmother. it is finally starting to feel like summer around here & we are loving every minute of it. the house is even getting a bit warm {no A/C here} & we aren’t even complaining yet. how was your weekend?


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