seattle dogs & their people {seattle dog spot feature}

the weekend before last we took a family trip to the nearby cowen park en route to pick up dinner. this is one of ravenna’s best parks as there is so much grass & space for sadie to run around & chase squirrels. {it also has an amazing playground which isn’t much use to us now but will be some day.}

during our stroll, a guy approached us & asked if he could take our picture {aaron, sadie, & me}. it turns out he was a photographer for a local blog, seattle dog spot, & was working on a new feature: seattle dogs & their people. we were happy to oblige & were featured last week!

seattle dog blog

{seattle dogs & their people post}

two pieces of trivia for you: brittanys are no longer known as brittany spaniels; and brittanys as a breed are losing popularity {perhaps because the brittany in the stock picture is not as pretty as sadie), which is ironic as sadie is a brittany & the first seattle dog featured.

update: sadie came from my parents, not aaron’s!

do you see brittanys around where you live?


3 thoughts on “seattle dogs & their people {seattle dog spot feature}

  1. How dog was obtained: Sadie was handed down from Aaron’s parents as a retired hunting dog.

    Oops – they got that part wrong. 😦

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