my {long} weekend in pictures.


{happy birthday aaron!}


{we had a birthday date night at pasta freska on friday. if you live in seattle & haven’t been here you should go. chef michael is awesome!}


{pleats & toe-cap for the birthday dinner.}


{we met ben & sarah at seattle center to see ironman 3. even though we didn’t go to the space needle, we saw it a few times & i feel compelled to take a picture of it every time i see it. anyone else do that?}


{we met our friend jerry at serious pie in south lake union for brunch on sunday.}


{aww, love. AL + MS = forever.}


{we followed up brunch with a screening of the new fast & furious at cinerama. who knew this was the sixth movie? #theyareallthesamemovieright}


{donned my fun bagley mischka shoes with my new kate young for target dress for our friends’ wedding.}


{it is hard to complain about the rain when it gives you a beautiful rainbow over lake union. gorgeous!}


{my wedding date.}


{i am half-way thru my rack it up challenge – 15 body pump workouts in 30 days. #bikiniseasonhereicome}


{needed a peony refresh this week. it is an expensive habit, but i am compelled to keep fresh peonies in the house for the entire (short) season!}

we had a fun long weekend filled with friends, family, & a bit of rest. no real projects on the house right now so we were able to spend our free time not enjoying the weather but enjoying the company of friends. we attended our neighbors’ wedding reception on sunday which kicks of the wedding season for us {even though we have already missed two family weddings so far due to distance. boo.}. i can’t believe it is the end of may already {where did the time go?} but i am looking forward to what the summer has in store! how was your weekend?


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