my weekend in pictures.


{what a wonderful forecast!}


{i made tea for my grandmother on friday afternoon. she insisted we use real tea cups & saucers.}


{saturday was opening day for boat season. lots & lots of boats out on lake washington.}


{we took a family walk to the ravenna ravine on sunday morning. sadie decided that she wanted a drink of water. & to take a swim.}


{i attended a bridal blessing on sunday afternoon. what a view!}


{the bride-to-be!}


{we spent the afternoon of cinco de mayo at our friend andy & hailey’s house. they have the most perfect lake house.}


{the view of lake washington & mount rainier from their dock.}


{the weather is finally warm enough for me to break out my summer-side of the closet. very exciting!}


{love to start the week with a fresh bouquet of flowers. #thebestpartofspring}

3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • Welcome to Seattle! I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. It has been so great to do work on the house and see all of the progress. I try to give updates on Seattle and what we are up to but if you ever need any help or want suggestions, please let me know via the blog or email me: Thanks for reading!

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