my weekend in pictures.


{my building’s cafeteria closed but there is always a food truck around. i got to enjoy a yummy meal while enjoying the sunshine!}


{hung out in post alley at pike place market on friday to celebrate my friend miriam’s birthday.}


{we saw an improv comedy show the pretty wonderful club. it was based on the john hughes 80’s high school movies. so fun!}


{yes, that is a gum wall behind me. post alley is filled with gum. it is a disgusting tradition, but you pretty much have to participate if you are there.}


{sadie & i patiently waited outside for aaron to get us lattes on saturday morning.}


{when it is sunny outside, which it was ALL weekend!, everyone in seattle washes their car. including us.}


{we went “car shopping” this weekend just to look & ended up buying a new car. this is the final picture of us with jez, our old jetta. bye bye jez, it was a great 9 years!}


{bluetooth in cars is awesome!}


{got a new coffee table book by the one & only kate spade, my fav. can’t wait to flip thru it for some inspiration!}


{happy easter sadie! yes, that dog toy has bunny ears.}


{good morning new jetta sportswagen! i haven’t had it long enough to give it an official name – any suggestions? we are thinking something german perhaps. what, you don’t name your cars?}


{making sure the new bathroom hardware is level.}


{had to paint a few touchup spots on the bathroom walls where old hardware came down. i think our latest bathroom project is nearly finished & i am hoping to be able to share it later in the week!}

we had a wonderfully sunny weekend, busy but fun. our weather was spectacular, especially for seattle in the early spring, & we were even wearing shorts to work around the house & in the yard this afternoon. we often get a burst of very early spring weather that gets everyone a little hopeful (& nervous for a very hot summer) but inevitably we will be back to normal cool spring weather. also, we accidently bought a car this weekend. i say accidently because we were really just going to look at cars on saturday. it was our first day out looking & there were a few types & models that were in the running, but next thing you know, we were buying a new jetta. we opted for the sportswagen because, you know, we could use the space for the constant lowe’s & home depot runs/sadie/future babes/etc. but the real reason why we bought the sportswagen was because of the full sunroof which is amazing! we had a great easter weekend – how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Love your new car!! I never thought I would like the “wagon” type cars, but Greg and I both talk about them from time to time. I guess priorities change when you get older. :: sigh ::

    • Thank you! We are loving it -such a fun car! I feel the exact same; I never thought I would want a wagon either – too much like a station wagon! But priorities definitely change and we are trying to be practical for the future! 😉 plus, it is diesel so we are getting super good gas mileage -always a plus!

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