my weekend in pictures.


{on the second day of spring we got snow after not getting snow the entire winter. #crazyseattlespringweather}


{aaron, my dad, & our friend rhett were working on a house project. it may or may not have been something in the bathroom.}


{my mom helped with some tending to the yard including planting these beauts around our front tree!}


{happy birthday mom!}


{there is nothing like fresh eggs. even for $7 a dozen. chicken ownership, here we come!}


{my mom & i went to the best of the northwest art show at pier 91. she bought the cutest mouse sculpture that i failed to get a picture of. #badblogger}


{i finally pulled the trigger on some fabric for an upcoming diy project.}

{obviously} my mom & dad were in town this weekend. they were gracious enough to help us out with some work & projects around the house. we started with snow on friday, but saturday, sunday, & even today are beautiful sunny days {though not to be confused with warm!}. how was your weekend?


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