my weekend in pictures.


{the water cans at work were inspirational on friday.}


{we attended a friend’s 30th birthday bash with our friend andy. there was a photobooth with lips & mustaches.}


{& apparently also bunny ears.}


{we had a wonderful morning breakfast at one of our favorite spots – portage bay café – with a couple old friends!}


{my friend mary & i tried our hand at baking french macarons on saturday night. they were a success!}


{started a little spring cleaning with the closets this weekend.}


{remember our budding bulbs from two weeks ago here? well these are they! yay for spring bulbs in early march.}


{this little gal spent the entire day sunning herself in the front window. it was a gorgeous crisp, sunny day in the emerald city!}


{dinner & a movie with my grandmother. we finally saw argo & though i was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype, it was so, so good!}

we had a good but busy weekend. we caught up with some old friends & got a few new projects planned for the house. it was wonderful to have a sunny sunday to enjoy which i started with some much-needed vinyasa flow yoga (from which i will be very sore tomorrow!) & ended in the company of my wonderful husband & grandmother – can’t beat that! how was your weekend?


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