snapshots of us lately.

i spend a lot of time taking & sharing pictures of our two kids, the house & sadie. but, we have been really bad about talking (& sharing) pictures of us, even though this is

i have {informally} resolved to get behind the camera less & in front of it more, & share more pictures of us on this blog of ours. so, in an effort to make good on this resolution, here are a few recent shots of aaron & me.

{tibi dress rented from RTR // j.crew clutch}

{taken at our friends dave & maryalice’s engagement party in january. we are very excited to both be in the wedding party!}

{aaron with the tiniest bottle of tabasco sauce ever at my birthday dinner.}

{happy i am so thankful she didn’t bring out 28 candles birthday!}

{old cape // zara dress  // shoemint shoes //  j.crew clutch}

expected more? i know, it wasn’t much of a photo dump. like i said, we don’t take very many photos of us & are really good {too good} at being  behind the camera! i hope this is the first of many snapshots of us lately posts.

are you a good self picture taker? if you are, spill your secrets!


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