my weekend in pictures.


{my grandmother insists on dessert after dinner!}


{deep into our family favorite card game spite & malice.}


{love that we can turn on our heat on our way home. #nest}


{yep, when the bridges go up, traffic stops. even if you are in a hurry.}


{we did a little shopping on sunday afternoon. even though he won’t ever see this blog a huge shoutout to the nice man at ann taylor who was gushing over today’s ensemble – it so made my month. #bestfeelingever #ootd}


{ballots for the oscars!}


{we watched the pre-show – my fav! – the awards & the start of the after-show. #toomuchoscars #gladtheawardseasonisover #worstoscarsever}

my mom is visiting this weekend so there wasn’t much in the way of house projects done, but we did have a lot of fun! even without a visitor in town the weekends seem so jam-packed. by the time i get to everything i have been waiting to do on the weekends, it is sunday night, late, & i am so exhausted. i guess that is the fun part, right? how was your weekend?


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