young house love book signing.

this afternoon amanda & i ventured down to the tacoma home & garden show to see john & sherry of young house love!


{we got there just a few minutes before john & sherry went on stage & got sweet front row seats.}


{i got to hang out with miss m all afternoon – so fun!}


{photo op!}


{we waited in a really long time & ended up at the end of the line after giving up, leaving the line & wandering around the home & garden show, but we ended up with signed books. success!}

john & sherry are exactly as i thought they would be – given their personalities really shine thru on their blog – & were super sweet when we met them, even though they were exhausted after hours of book signing! thanks for hanging in there for us john & sherry!

{sidenote: i was in the works to get them here for a house crash, but, alas, they were jet-setting all over the pacific northwest & we couldn’t make it work. maybe next time.}

have you ever waited to see someone famous or for a book signing?


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