my weekend in pictures.


{the ingredients to make a milkshake for someone who is lactose intolerant. not quite as good as the real thing but still pretty tasty!}


{there may have been a happy sadie dog at our house on friday night. #familymovienight #happydog #cuddlingwithmomanddad}


{just make yourself comfortable sadie. #poser #shethinkssheownstheplace #soproper}


{a bit of painting this week. so excited to share the final results soon!}


{phew, we finally organized our pantry.}


{i hate the smell of microwave popcorn – anyone else? – so we got an air popper. super healthy because it is just popcorn, except when you want to be unhealthy & melt butter on the top.}


{sadie & i spent a sunny sunday afternoon catching up on vogue. #stillnotcaughtup #onemonthbehind}


{one thing we want to do in the new year – can we still call it that 20 days in? – is to support our local farmer’s markets. we spent some of our sunday stocking up on local, in-season vegetables & fresh farm eggs.}


{pattern mixing in the bathroom. i have a patient & open-minded husband.}


{i remixed my faux fur vest this weekend – once for work & once for brunch – because it is the warmest thing in my wardrobe & we are barely getting above freezing here in seattle.}

we had a really low-key weekend which was a nice change. there were a few house projects completed & worked on, but for the most part we enjoyed our time off. while it makes for a pretty boring weekend blog post, it was nice to do nothing for a change. how was your weekend?


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