my weekend in pictures.


{feeling a bit under the weather on friday. stayed home, slept in {!}, watched movies & cuddled with sadie.}


{we took a family walk on saturday thru the ravenna ravine near our house. lots of beautiful moss-covered trees. i froze but sadie had an awesome time playing in all the mud!}


{i have resolved to do more yoga in the new year & started by purchasing a dvf + target yoga mat.}


{we attended a twelfth night celebration at our friends the robinsons. aaron & ben were in festive twelfth night attire with their bow ties.}


{bye-bye christmas tree.}


{we finally dined at rain city burgers after months of hearing rave reviews. it helped that it is only a few blocks from our abode.}


{his & hers tea in teacups from our honeymoon.}

sorry this post is a bit picture-light. whatever bug i have is zapping the photographer out of me. what is your best get-better-fast remedy? how was your weekend?


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2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • ha! that is ironic. this place has three kinds of veggie burgers which is pretty awesome. aaron will have to go back and try it once he is a carnivore again!

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