my weekend in pictures.


{couldn’t resist this rodarte + sbux mug on the clearance rack!}


{enjoyed delish indian nosh with our friends, the friends!}


{played our new game say anything. thanks david & jodi!}


{grabbed lunch at jimmy john’s. delish but a very limited menu for vegetarians.}


{spent some of saturday afternoon catching up on mags & cuddling with the sade-ster.}


{saturday night dinner & a movie with my husband & grandmother. the best! p.s. this is 40 is a good rental movie…}


{i managed to put a few things from ikea together this weekend despite the often terrible directions. stay tuned for upcoming projects!}


{we sampled some soda with our whole foods dinner on sunday night.}


{lots of tomatoes for a crockpot marinara sauce. fingers crossed it is yummy!}

we had a very busy weekend that went way too quickly! {where did the year go?} i am still trying to get the house back in order after our week away. lots of laundry & new things {i.e., christmas presents} to find homes for. how was your last weekend of 2012?


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