my weekend in pictures.


{addressing christmas cards.}


{blog views from all around the world. isn’t technology amazing!}


{shopped the target + neiman marcus collaboration late friday night (it was already december 1st on the east coast!) & got some goodies without worrying about the herds of people at the store. #ilovetheinternet #thewestcoastisthebestcoast}


{enjoyed colored sugar sprinkles on my morning grapefruit.}


{the late fall seattle downpours have been slowly seeping into our basement. though it is not more than 1/2 inch of water in some places, we decided to get a sump pump and drainage ditches put in this week. #myhouseisamoneypit #pleasestopraining}


{my grandmother thoroughly enjoying the candy bar at peaks. she pointed to a topping & asked me what it was, i said “its rock candy. so basically sugar,” & she started scooping it into her bowl by the spoonful. love her!}


{if you can’t tell that is a purple christmas tree on top of the crane that is renovating the uw football stadium. #merrychristmas #godawgs}


{we watched groundhog’s day on saturday night. how have i never seen this movie before?}


{the cutest husky waiting outside for his owner in queen anne.}


{brunched at the 5 spot with our neighbors on sunday morning.}

we tried to keep the weekend relaxing without a lot of to-dos. it was nice to just hang out & enjoy the time off, but the rain is pretty miserable. i guess that is what we get for living in seattle. how was your weekend?


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