a fresh coat of paint.


{the current before & after}










as i have been alluding to for weeks, we spent some of our long thanksgiving weekend overhauling the bathroom. we have big plans for this room, including adding a vanity, changing out the toilet, & painting the tub, but for now we thought just getting rid of the yellow walls & yellow trim would be a decent upgrade. boy were we right!

i painted the trim & beadboarding a few weeks ago in the same color as the trim in the rest of the house (a bit of an off-white) to prep for painting the walls last weekend. after priming the walls, we used cruicible by valspar in allergy & asthma which is fantastic to paint with (i used it in the kitchen & living room). i wanted something really different for this space (by different i mean not grey, which is my go-to) & i picked a color that was really close to the darkest stripe on our shower curtain. i would normally hesitate to put such a dark color up on a well (especially in such a small space), but because there is so much beadboarding, i knew the contrast would be perfect. the new wall color also goes well with the lighter blue tile which covers the floor as well as the shower walls.

despite the upgrade to the wall color (which makes me gasp every time i walk past the bathroom, it is that great!) we desperately need counter space in this room. we have been looking at traditional bathroom vanities, but haven’t really found anything we like for the space. i have considered converting an antique dresser by adding a sink & countertop, but hesitate to take on a project that involves plumbing as neither aaron nor i have much (if any) experience with that. has anyone ever converted a dresser or cabinet into a sink before?

have you upgraded any of your rooms with a coat of paint lately?


9 thoughts on “a fresh coat of paint.

  1. A-mazing!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the vanity. My $.02 is to remember the dust that collects under things…so either get a piece of furniture/vanity high enough to get a broom under or get something that goes all the way to the floor. Can you tell that I learned this the hard way?

    • thank you! we are very happy with it. good call about being able to clean underneath a vanity. we are dealing with this exact issue with my current dresser – good thing i am already planning on its replacement!

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